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Benefits for your company


Generate more leads and deliver good ideas even under time pressure


Solve technical problems more effectively


Make your product more successful by collecting feedback from all stakeholders


Make your team successful and happy by including everyone’s ideas

How TeamStormer works?

Powerful and smooth three-step creative collaboration based on the BrainWriting 6-3-5 technique

Meeting owner creates
a session

Define session’s basic parameters like start date & time, number of rounds, length of rounds and invite participants by email.

Participants generate ideas in each round

At home, the office or a café, participants enter ideas and get inspiration from other attendees participating anywhere on Earth.

Team evaluates ideas together

After all the rounds are completed, participants evaluate ideas and get the final report.

Company plans

Dedicated to small companies or big corporations.

Cloud Service

  • Secure cloud service
  • Idea generation and evaluation
  • Basic reporting
  • Team sessions
  • Onboarding support

  • On premise instalations
  • Idea generation and evaluation
  • Team sessions
  • Custom reports
  • Premium onboarding
  • Custom integrations
  • Dedicated Customer success manager
  • Innovation trainings

Voice of the customers

Gniewomir Gordziej

„TeamStormer opens a great opportunity for improvement of remote teams communication during the early projects development phases no matter the time zone and team size. It allows smooth ideas to flow through the desynchronized crews”

Gniewomir Gordziej
R&D Director, Alvo Medical

Małgorzata Nowicka

„Teamstormer is an intuitive system with many applications: it helps not only with generating ideas but also with collecting feedback and evaluating product functionalities after testing. The tool is a great way to engage the team to work together”

Małgorzata Nowicka
Senior Product Manager, MyBenefit

Adrian Wójcik

„TeamStormer brings brainstorming meetings into the XXI century. It has definitely accelerated and systematized such meetings in our R&D Departement. It helps to save time we always miss in the R&D”

Adrian Wójcik
Team Co-Manager/Senior Engineer,
Industrial Advanced Research
OptiNav, Carl Zeiss Group

Krzysztof Rumianowski

„I am a startup owner so we use in many projects a consensus-decision making process. We had challenges with brainstorming and creating ranking of the most popular ideas for a long time. It always took a lot of time to send emails, gather and organize ideas for evaluation. Since we started using TeamStormer – this has become really easy!”

Krzysztof Rumianowski
CEO, BPO Network

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